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About to finish university and motivated to start some new personal projects, I hope I can muster the determination to see them through, they have potential.

I want to delve into 3D CAD with OpenSCAD. Brian S. Stephan published some weeks ago a pretty interesting design for an arcade stick case on his git repo, and I want to make some modifications, open a PR and hopefully, have it merged. I’d like to add compatibility with korean levers and 3mm thick acrylic top panels for accommodating art.

In the realm of programming, I have some ideas that I’d like to see through. I wish to learn embedded programming in the RP2040 microcontroller, the one that powers up the raspberry pi pico. As a practice project, make a simple scientific calculator with an LCD screen, even oled, I like how they look like. After that, start developing a library for interfacing Playstation 2 controllers and finally, have the ultimate, custom Playstation 2 arcade stick. The thought alone makes me drool.

Got into personal accounting recently too, with hledger. I think it’s an interesting system, and although I’m not a power user, I see the potential in automating accounting tasks when working with a plain text system like hledger. Looked for parsing libraries for it, and found none. Maybe it’s a good idea to make one, potentially in C so it can be embedded into extensible languages like Python or Ruby. Python already has a package with different utilities for working with hledger’s journal files, but parsing them has potential for so much more.